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Vol. 69/ no. 4 (oct.-dec.)

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The Specificity of Orthodox Theology in the University 25 Years of Orthodox Theological Education in Arad

by Rev. Prof. Cristinel Ioja


Caius Cuțaru
Desacralization and Resacralization in Mircea Eliade’s Vision

Sebastian Moldovan
Addictions and Orthodox Spirituality. Towards a Model of Human Behavior

Dieter Brandes
The Need for Reconciliation in Europe (Part I)

Daniel Lemeni
Holiness and Power: The Nature of Ecclesiastical Guidance in Early Byzantium

Iuliu-Marius Morariu
The Romanian Delegations to the Holy Pan-Orthodox Synod of Crete (2016) and to the its preliminary assemblies and their importance for theological discussions

Nicolae Preda
Le Trisagion pour les défunts (analyse historico-liturgique)

Traian Nojea
The Reformes of Pope Gregory VII (1073-1085): Some Canonical Considerations


Dr. Iustin Popovici, The Canonic Law of the Romanian Orthodox Church in force and its springs. Critical analysis based on the Holy Canons (Dreptul Canonic al Bisericii Ortodoxe Române în vigoare și izvoarele sale. Analiză critică pe baza Sfintelor Canoane) [Το ισχύον δικαίο της Ορθόδοξης Εκκλησίας της Ρουμανίας και οι πηγές του. Κριτική Θεόριση επί τη βάσει των ιερών κανόνων], Grēgorē Publishing House, Athens, 2017, 230 p.

(Marcel Tang)

Michiel Decaluwe, Thomas M. Izbicki and Gerald Christianson (eds.), A Companion to the Council of Basel, Brill, Leiden, 2016, 556 p.

(Rev. Traian Nojea)
Paul Evdokimov, The Mystery of Love. The Holiness of Marital Union in the Light of the Orthodox Tradition, Bucureşti, Sophia Printing House, 2016, 247p.

(Vasile-Eugen Suciu)
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Vol. 68/ no. 3 (jul.-sept.)



The Holy And Great Synod – Sinodality and Co-Responsibility in the Current World

by Rev. Prof. Cristinel Ioja, PhD


Benjamin Simon

Justice, Zedeka and Ubuntu –A Relational Understanding

Mihai Iordache

Faith, Divine Grace and Human Freedom in the Thinking of the Protestant Theologian Karl Barth

Daniel Alic

Church Personalities from the Diocese of Caransebeş Who Supported the Great Union

Olivia Andrei

Theological and Moral Principles as a Foundation for a Christian Education. The Vision of Paul Evdokimov (1901-1970)

Marcel Tang

St. Isaac the Syrian in the Spiritual and Experimental Consciousness of the Contemporary Athonite Fathers

Cosmin Santi

The State of The Souls between the Particular Judgement and the Universal Judgement according to the Orthodox Cult Books


Sorin Șelaru, Unity and Communion in the Church, Orthodox Ecclesiology Studies, Eikon Publishing, 2015, 235p.

(PhD student, Rev. Cristian Rădulescu)

Cristinel Ioja, Marcel Tang, Orthodox Theological Education in Arad. Itinerary. Forms. Perspectives, Publishing House of the Archdiocese of Arad, 2016, 298p.

(PhD student, Rev. Cristian Rădulescu)

Veronica della Dora, Landscape, Nature, and the Sacred in Byzantium, Cambridge University Press, 2016, 294 p.

(Daniel Lemeni)
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Vol. 67/ no. 2 (apr.-june.)



Principles of Youth Training in the Faculties of Orthodox Theology from Romania

by Rev. Cristinel Ioja



Sergey Trostyanskiy

Time and Eternity in Fifth-Century Oikonomic Thought: Cyril of Alexandria on the Only Begotten and the First Born

Ioan Tulcan

The Relationship between Tradition and Innovation in Romanian Orthodox Dogmatic Theology and the Place of Dogma in this Regard

Ioan C. Teșu

Teachings of St. Paisios of Mount Athos about Children’s Education

Cristinel Ioja

The Role of Emperor Constantine in the Dogmatic Disputes of the Fourth Century

Nicusor Beldiman

Anthropological and Eschatological Tenets in the Sermons of 20th-century Wallachian Preachers

Daniel Jugrin

AGNOSIA: The Apophatic Experience of God in Dionysius the Areopagite



Fr. Prof. Dr. Liviu Stan, Biserica și Dreptul. Studii de Drept Canonic Ortodox, vol. 6 (The Church and the Law, Studies of Orthodox Canon Law, vol.6), “Andreiana” Publishing House, “ASTRA” Museum Publishing House, Sibiu 2015, 440 p.

(Iachint Catalin Vardianu)

David Brakke, Andrew Crislip (eds.), Selected Discourses of Shenoute the Great: Community, Theology, and Social Conflict in Late Antique Egypt, Cambridge University Press, 2015, 326 p.

(Daniel Lemeni)

Hilarion Alfeyev, Taina credinței. Introducere în teologia dogmatică ortodoxă (The Mystery of Faith. Introduction in the Orthodox Dogmatic Theology), trad. Felicia Dumas, Doxologia Publishing House, Iasi, 2014, 380 p.

(Teodor-Daniil Stoienescu, Ph.D.)             124

Remus Rus, Sfânta Fecioară Maria în tradiția pioasă a creștinilor primelor veacuri (The Holy Virgin Mary in the Pious Tradition of the First Centuries’ Christians), Meteor Publishing House, Bucharest, 2015, 320p.

(Laurențiu-Victor Chilibaru)
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Vol. 66/ no. 1 (ian.-mar.)



Pleading for a closer collaboration between the school and the Church

by Rev. prof. Ioan Tulcan



Ciprian Streza

The Translation of Liturgical texts into the Oral Language within the 17th century Transylvanian Liturgical Tradition. The Emergence of the Romanian Euchologhion amid Culturally and Concessionally Challenged Times

Nicușor Beldiman

The Role of the Clergy in the Development of the Romanian Literary Language and in the Maintenance of the Conscience of National Unity through Sermon. Deacon Coresi, St. Metropolitan Bishop Varlaam of Moldavia, St. Hierarch Antim Ivireanul

Caius Cuțaru

Sittinā Maryam of the Muslims. Honouring the Virgin Mary in Islam

Ioan Tulcan

The Holy Sacraments – Means of Renewing the Life of Believers

Nicolae Moșoiu

God language – an Orthodox perspective in the context of the challenging Feminist Theology

Vasile Vlad

The Plurality of Ethics and the Unity of the Religious-Moral Values

Florea Ştefan

The Saint and the Genius

Daniel Lemeni

Narrating the Holy Man in Late Antiquity: The Case of Shenoute of Atripe

Traian Nojea

Secularization of Monastic Estates (1863). Some Legal – Historical Aspects


Reverend professor Alexander Schmemann, Preasfânta Fecioară Maria (Blessed Virgin Mary), Translated from English by Florin Caragiu, Basilica Press, Bucharest, 2014, 114 p.

(Archid. Ph.D. Caius Cuțaru)

Priest Theodore Papanicolaou, The Vision of Death in the Light of the Holy Fathers of the Church, published in France on April 2nd, 2015 by Parole et Silence publishing house in Paris, was translated from French into Romanian by Paula Ilas, Doxologia Publishing House, 2016, Iași with the blessing of His Eminence Teofan, Archbishop of Iasi and Metropolitanof Moldova and Bucovina

(Rev. Ph.D. Stud. Sergiu Nicolae Succurro)

Rev. Ioan Leonardo Atudorei, Anthropocentrism and Theocentricism in the Works of Father Dumitru Stăniloae, Iași, Doxologia Publishing House, 2014, 233 p.

(Rev. Ph.D Stud. Achim Alin Nicușor)

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh, Asceticism and Marriage, Translation from English by Dragoş Dâscă, book printed with the blessing of His Eminence Teofan, Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bucovina Romanian Orthodox Church, “Doxologia” Publishing House, Iaşi, 2014

(Ph.D. Stud. Chilibaru Laurenţiu-Victor)

Vladimir Lossky, Orthodox Theology: An Introduction, 2nd Edition, edited by Sophia, Bucharest, 2014, 214 p.

(Ph.D. Stud. Vasile Eugen Suciu)

J.-M. Abd-El-Jalil, Marie et lʼIslâm, suivi de Vues musulmanes sur les origines chrétiennes, Éditions Feuilles, Paris, 2014, 96 p.

(Archid. Ph.D. Caius Cuțaru)

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