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Vol. 97/ nr. 4 (oct.-dec.)


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The Importance of the Liturgical Hymns and the Way of Their Interpretation in the Church

(Rev. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lucian Farcașiu)


Daniele Cogoni

The Trinitarian Ecclesiology of D. Stăniloae Compared to That of J.M.R. Tillard. Its Value for Ecumenical Dialogue – Second Part – 

Daniel Lemeni

Monks and “Others”: Acceptance of Diversity and Ascetic Tolerance

Lucian Farcaşiu

The Theology of the Church through Liturgical Hymnography and Theological and Spiritual Aspects of Psalmody

Maximilian Pal

The Contribution of the Cappadocian Fathers to the Formulation of the Trinitarian Doctrine

Teofan Mada

The Martyrdom: An Important Aspect of Early Christian Eschatology 

Liviu Vidican-Manci

Prédication orthodoxe roumaine en ligne: entre l’offre de moteurs de recherche et la sélection éclairée

Casian Ruşeţ

The Resources of the Christian Mission – Brief Theological Reflections in a Postmodern Context

Rafael Povîrnaru

The Archetypal Love of the Holy Trinity and the Communion with Her, according to Father Dumitru Stăniloae’s Vision

Mădălin-Ștefan Petre

The Struggle between Postmodern Deism and the Eschatological Tension of the Church


Rev. Prof. Dr. Viorel Sava, Slujirea sacerdotală în context contemporan. Studii de teologie liturgică şi pastorală (Priestly Service in a Contemporary Context. Studies of Liturgical and Pastoral Theology), Crimca Publishing House, Suceava, 2023, 384 pp. 

(Rev. Dr. Lucian Farcașiu)

Bernadin Duma, Personalismul comunitar la Emmanuel Mounier. Un alt mod de a gândi despre persoană (Communitarian personalism of Emmanuel Mounier: Another Way of Thinking about the Person), Serafica Publishing House, Roman, 2023, 378 pp.

(Rev. Dr. Maximilian Pal)

Vasileios Thermos, Stephen Muse, Cuvinte în Duhul. Perspective pastorale despre Taina Spovedaniei (Words into Spirit: Pastoral Perspectives on Confession), translated by Valentin Radu Trandafir, Doxologia Publishing House, Iași, 2021, 384 pp.

(Archm. Dr. Casian Ruşeţ)


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Vol. 93/ nr. 4 (oct. – dec.)


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Reflecting on Life and Death

(Rev. Vasile Vlad PhD.)


Papers Presented at the

International Symposium Medicine & Theology:

The Phenomenon of Death in the Age of Biotechnology

held at the “Hilarion V. Felea” Faculty of Orthodox Theology from Arad, 

on the 2nd of November 2022. 


Rev. Prof. Dr. Cristinel Ioja PhD., and Rev. Prof. Dr. Vasile Vlad PhD.


Werner Neuer

Salzburg Declaration

Cristinel Ioja

The Phenomenon of Death in the Era of Biotechnologies. A Perspective of Orthodox Dogmatics

Ioan C. Teşu

The Human Being – between Deification by Grace and Biotechnology Augmentation

Tiberiu Medeanu

Thanatology, from Zamolxes to Modern Medicine

Vasile Vlad

Fear of Death. A Theological Perspective

Mihaela Orodan

The Significance of An Integral Anthropology in the Proximity of Death

Ispas Ruja

Position on the Criteria of Brain Death in the Documents of the Roman Catholic and Evangelical Churches in Germany

Dumitru-Adrian Ciurea

Adveniat Regnum Tuum. The Millenium between Relevance and Mystery

Andrei-Ioan Danciu

Beauty Surgery and the Christian Conscience


Emilian (Nica) Crișanul, Episcop-vicar, Episcopia Hușilor: memorie și actualitate (Monografie istorică) [The Diocese of Husi: Memory and Actuality (Historical Monograph)], Editura Doxologia, Iași; Editura Horeb, Huși,2022, 414 pp.

(Rev. Dr. Ştefan Negreanu)

Carlo Fantappiè, Il diritto canonico nella società postmoderna. Lezioni universitarie, G. Giappichelli, Torino, 2020, 399 pp., ISBN: 978-88-921371-7-2

(Rev. Prof. Dr. Constantin Rus)

Constanța Cristescu, The Anastasimatar from Arad – Composed according to the Musical Notations of Trifon Lugojan, Editura Eurostampa, Timișoara, 2021

(Rev. Lect. Dr. Tiberiu Ardelean)


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Vol. 92/ no. 3 (jul.- sept.)


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The Importance of Daily Prayer in Monotheistic Religion

by Rev. Caius Claudius Cuţaru PhD.


Caius Claudius Cuţaru

Religious Mentalities and Attitudes in Times of Pandemic

Lucian Farcaşiu

Supra-Veneration of Theotokos in the Liturgical Services of the Orthodox Church

Teofan Mada

Theology and Spirituality in the Ecclesial Conception of Charles Curran

Cătălin Raiu

Confronting Religion from a Post-Political Perspective. Health Policies during the Covid-19 Pandemic inRomania

Gabriel-Valeriu Basa

Roman Ciorogariu – Director of the Theological-Pedagogical Institute in Arad

Gabriela Radu

The Ruler’s Virtues in the Ekthesis of Agapetus Diaconus

Adrian Murg

Christian Life as Warfare, according to Ephesians 6, 10-20

Florin-Ioan Gașpar

A View on the Orthodox Neopatristics of the Second Half of the Twentieth Century. Consequences andInsufficiencies

Alexandru Lazar

The Politico-Dogmatic Stage of the Apocatastasis’ Condemnation. Post-synodal Perspectives136


†Damaschin Dorneanu, Vicar Bishop of the Archdiocese of Suceava and Rădăuți, Dimensiunea mistagogică aSăptămânii Sfintelor Pătimiri. Elemente de antropologie duhovnicească (The Mystagogic Dimension of the Holy and GreatWeek. Elements of Spiritual Anthropology), Crimca Publishing House, Suceava, 2022, 863 pp.

(Lucian Farcașiu)

Academician preot profesor universitar doctor Mircea Păcurariu (1932- 2021) – o viață pusă în slujba lui Dumnezeu și a neamului românesc, Editura Renașterea, Cluj Napoca și editura Episcopiei Devei și Hunedoarei, Deva, 2021, coordonatori: † Gurie Georgiu, preot Florin Dobrei, 384 pp.

(Gabriel-Valeriu Basa)

Patrick Schreiner, Matthew, Disciple and Scribe: The First Gospel and Its Portrait of Jesus, BakerAcademic, Grand Rapids, 2019, xiv + 289 pp.

(Adrian Murg)


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Vol. 89/no. 4 (oct.-dec.)


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Authors list


The Romanian Diaspora – A Sign of the Nation’s Suffering and a Chance to Confess Orthodoxy in the World

(Rev. Caius CUȚARU)


†Emilian CRIŞANUL, Vicar Bishop of the Diocese of Arad

Holy Brâncoveanu Martyrs – Model of Sacrifi ce and Supporters of Christian Culture

† Nestor DINCULEANĂ, Bishop of Deva and Hunedoara

Elements of Old Jewish History and Culture

Daniel BUDA

Der aktuelle Dialog zwischen den östlich-orthodoxen und orientalisch orthodoxen Kirchen. Die offi ziellen gemeinsamen Erklärunge und ihre Folgen


The Mystery of the Eucharist in the Current Theological Debate. The Contribution of Father Dumitru Stăniloae


A Lesser Known and Hotly Debated Hagiographic Episode in the Life of St. John of Damascus


History and Evolution of Funeral Services in the Orthodox Church

Vasile-Doru FER

Paradigms and Principles of Religious Education Highlighted in the Holy Gospels. Their Relevance, Perspectives and Challenges in Contemporary Society

Teofan MADA

The Function of Moral Conscience in Patristic Theology


The Sacrifi ce of Isaac – Acknowledgement of a Biblical Typology in the Homilies and Commentaries of the Eastern Church Fathers


Césaire D’ARLES, OEuvres conciliaires avec commentaries, préface de Mgr Christophe Dufour, trad. franç. Yves Lefauconnier, Venelles, Éditions Aux sources de la Provence, 2020, 265 pp.

(Pr. Prof. dr. Constantin RUS)

Anthony KALDELLIS, Romanland: Ethnicity and Empire in Byzantium, Harvard University Press, 2019, 392 pp

(Rev. Ph.D. Traian NOJEA)

Gabriel BUNGE, The Practice of Personal Prayer according to the Tradition of the Holy Fathers, Deisis Publishing House, Sibiu, 2021, 246 pp.

(Rev. Ph.D. student Flavius-Alexandru LAZĂR)


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Vol. 87/ no. 2 (apr.-jun.)


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Knowledge and Understanding by Participating in God

(Rev. Adrian MURG)


Eutichius Felix DOVGAN

The Meaning of the Veneration of the Holy Great Martyr John of Suceava, the Patron Saint of Trade

Nicușor TUCĂ

Prayer – a Manifestation of Faith and an Expression of the Love for God


The Ancient Worship of the Theotokos in the Christian Church Mariology in Christian East and West


Spiritual Exercises and Ascetic Praxis in Desert Monasticism


Distinction logos – tropos and Its Application in the Christology of the Eastern Fathers


The Valorization of Catechesis in the Context of Church Music

Daniel ALIC

The Contribution of Metropolitan Nestor Vornicescu to the Canonization of the Romanian Saints


Brant PITRE, Isus și rădăcinile evreiești ale Mariei (Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary), traducere dinengleză de Monica Broșteanu, Editura Humanitas, București, 2020, 227 pp.

(Rev. dr. Lucian FARCAŞIU)

Mircea BUTA, Aspects of the Church Singing from Arad at the Turn of the Millennia, Editura Muzicală, București,2017

(Rev. Tiberiu ARDELEAN)

Maxim (Iuliu-Marius) MORARIU, Gânduri de pandemie (Thoughts during the COVID-19 Pandemic), Renașterea Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2020, 117 pp. 

(Ph.D. student Iulia MEDVESCHI)


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