Vol. 69/ no. 4 (oct.-dec.)

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The Specificity of Orthodox Theology in the University 25 Years of Orthodox Theological Education in Arad

by Rev. Prof. Cristinel Ioja


Caius Cuțaru
Desacralization and Resacralization in Mircea Eliade’s Vision

Sebastian Moldovan
Addictions and Orthodox Spirituality. Towards a Model of Human Behavior

Dieter Brandes
The Need for Reconciliation in Europe (Part I)

Daniel Lemeni
Holiness and Power: The Nature of Ecclesiastical Guidance in Early Byzantium

Iuliu-Marius Morariu
The Romanian Delegations to the Holy Pan-Orthodox Synod of Crete (2016) and to the its preliminary assemblies and their importance for theological discussions

Nicolae Preda
Le Trisagion pour les défunts (analyse historico-liturgique)

Traian Nojea
The Reformes of Pope Gregory VII (1073-1085): Some Canonical Considerations


Dr. Iustin Popovici, The Canonic Law of the Romanian Orthodox Church in force and its springs. Critical analysis based on the Holy Canons (Dreptul Canonic al Bisericii Ortodoxe Române în vigoare și izvoarele sale. Analiză critică pe baza Sfintelor Canoane) [Το ισχύον δικαίο της Ορθόδοξης Εκκλησίας της Ρουμανίας και οι πηγές του. Κριτική Θεόριση επί τη βάσει των ιερών κανόνων], Grēgorē Publishing House, Athens, 2017, 230 p.

(Marcel Tang)

Michiel Decaluwe, Thomas M. Izbicki and Gerald Christianson (eds.), A Companion to the Council of Basel, Brill, Leiden, 2016, 556 p.

(Rev. Traian Nojea)
Paul Evdokimov, The Mystery of Love. The Holiness of Marital Union in the Light of the Orthodox Tradition, Bucureşti, Sophia Printing House, 2016, 247p.

(Vasile-Eugen Suciu)
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