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Vol. 65/ no.4 (oct-dec)



by Cristinel Ioja & Daniel Buda


Adolf Martin Ritter

Johannes Chrysostomus – der Prediger als Seelsorger

Martin Illert

„Ein Feuer, das die Geltungssucht entfacht hat“. Johannes Chrysostomos als Seelsorger am Beispiel der Rede De vana gloria et de educandis liberis

Andreas Heiser

„Die Tugendhaften … sind aus unserer Mitte verschwunden“  – Zur Ekklesiologie des Johannes Chrysostomus

Demetrios E. Tonias

Models of Virtue: Patriarchs and Prophets in the Sermons of John Chrysostom

Adrian Podaru

John Chrysostom as pastoral authority

Vasile Vlad

Jesus Christ – The Absolute Criterion of the Moral Life. The Theandric Aspect

Lucian Farcaşiu

The Sanctity of Priest’s Life – a Determining Factor for an Accomplished Mission in the Parish. St. John Chrysostom’s Vision

Adrian Murg

The Work of the Holy Spirit in Prayer, according to Romans 8, 12-27


Priest Professor Gheorghe I. Drăgulin PhD, The Academician Professor Priest Dumitru Stăniloae – Confessor of the true faith at home and abroad, Publisher Basilica, 2015, 168 p

(Paul Sebastian Orădan)

Bishop Alexander Golitzin, Mystagogy: A Monastic Reading of Dionysius Areopagita, translated by Nectarie Dărăban, Deisis PrintingHouse, Sibiu, 2015, 517 p.

(Ioan-Alexandru Stoienescu)

Ilarion Alfeyev, Metropolitan of Volokolamsk, The Mystery of Faith, Introduction to Orthodox Dogmatic Theology, Iași, Doxologia PublishingHouse, 2014, 380 p.

(Achim Alin Nicușor)

Archimandrite Zacharias Zaharou, The Hidden Man of theHeart (1 Peter 3: 4), paper printed with the blessing of His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, “Basilica” PublishingHouse, Bucharest, 2014, ISBN 978-606-8495-53-8; Translated from English by monk Tecla; Foreword by His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of Romania

(Laurenţiu-Victor Chilibaru)

Juan Pedro Monferrer Sala, Creștinătatea arabă orientală (The Arabic Oriental Christianity), translated by Anca-Irina Ionescu, Vremea PrintingHouse, Bucharest, 2016, 80 p.

(Archid. Ph.D. Caius Cuțaru)

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Vol. 64/ no. 3 (jul.-sept.)

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Parish space under the pressure of social and religious metamorphoses

by Rev. prof. Cristinel Ioja, PhD



Ioan Tulcan

Missionary Priorities of the Church in the Vision of Theologians from Arad: Petru Deheleanu and Ilarion V. Felea

Alexandru Mălureanu

The report between spiritual son and the person counseled in the perspective of Metanoia and Katharsis

Roger Coresciuc

New paradigms of New-Social-Media communication

Ștefan Negreanu

The Cultural and Spiritual revival of the Anglo-Saxons during the Reign of King  Alfred the Great

Remus Mihai Feraru

Mission chrétienne et confession de la foi au VIIe siècle: Saint Maxime le Confesseur et la politique religieuse des empereurs de la dynastie des Héraclides

Tiberiu Ardelean

Choir master. Personality conduction and vocation

Augustin Mureşan, Călina Popovici, Ioan Popovici

The Historical and Religious Significance of Some Representations from the Current Arad Territorial Heraldry

Ioan Lazăr

The Unity between the Dogma, Spirituality and Cult and the Relevance of this One for the Orthodox Gnosiology



Liturghia Bisericii din Sarum

(Tradusă de Drd. Ionuţ Blidar)



Moisés Silva (ed.), New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis, 2nd ed., 5 vols., Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2014, 3635 pp.,

(Rev. Adrian Murg)

Cezar Login, LEITOURGIA, Teologie și practică liturgică – studii –, Editura Renașterea, Cluj-Napoca, 2014, 191 p.

(Rev. Lucian Farcașiu)
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Vol. 63/ no. 2 (apr – june)



The presence of Islam in Europe. New challenges for contemporary Christianity

Caius Cutaru


Adrian Murg

The Soteriological Aspect of Jesus’Death, in the Writings of St. Luke the Evangelist. An Analysis From the Perspective of Textual and Narrative Criticism

Peter-Ben Smit

Hermeneutics in The Church. Towards a Common Vision

Daniel Lemeni

The Way of the Desert in Early Christian Egypt

Stefan Negreanu

The Ecclesiastical and Monastic Reform in England during the Tenth Century

Teofan Mada

True religion fundamentals in the thinking of St. John Chrysostom

Mircea Buta

Variety and consistency in composing works for mixed choir: Our Father, Psalm I and Psalm 65 by Father Gheorghe Soima

Iuliu-Marius Morariu

The Eucharistic Anaphora of the First Three Centuries of Christianity and its Importance for Contemporary Theology

Catalin Varga

The Expression „A New Heaven and a New Earth” in the Theology of Saint Peter the Apostle


Dennis Okholm, Dangerous Passions, Deadly Sins: Learning from the Psychology of Ancient Monks, Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos Press, 2014, 221 pp.

(Rev. Adrian Murg)

Fr. Mircea Basarab, Scripture and Tradition The Importance and Receiving of the Scriptural Text in Church History, Basilica Publishing House, 2015, Bucharest, 164 pp.

(Ph.D. Stud. Ioan-Alexandru Stoienescu)

Rev. Prof. Ph. D. Andrew Louth, Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology, trad. Dragos Mirsanu, Doxologia Printing House, Iasi, 2014, 279 pp.

(Ph.D. Stud. Teodor-Daniil Stoienescu)

Hyeromonk Calinic (Berger), Theognosia – the dogmatic and spiritual synthesis of the Father DumitruStaniloae, Deisis Publishing House, 2014, 462 pp.

(Deacon PhD. Stud. Paul- Sebastian Oradan)

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Vol. 62/ no. 1 (ian.-mar.)

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The Missionary Dimension of the Orthodox Theological Faculties

Cristinel Ioja



Mircea Buta

Commentary on the written chorale works, harmonized and arranged by Fr. Univ.Prof. Dr. Nicu Moldoveanu, published in Choral Anthology, Religious and Secular, for Mixed Formations – Bucharest 2006

Alexandru Mălureanu

The relationship between Confession and Psychological counseling in the perspective of communication and spiritual communion

Lucian Farcașiu

Theological Grounds Regarding the Communion as the Purpose of the Liturgy in the Vision of Theologian Alexandre Schmemann

Vlăducu Viorel-Ion

The successors of the Apostles in the early Church

Paul-Tiberiu Ardelean

The Evolution of the Art of conducting in the Choral Church Music from the West of the Country. The conducting and interpretative Style of Athanasius Lipovan

Adina-Voichița Roșu

Bioethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence

Cosmin Santi

Der kanonische wert der malerei im orthodox, ekklesiastischen raum

Vladislav Topalovic

Justin Popovic als Exeget

Daniel Lemeni

Father Dumitru Stăniloae – the Promoter of Neo-Patristic Thoughtin Romanian Theology



Rodney J. Decker, Reading Koine Greek: An Introduction and Integrated Workbook, Grand Rapids: Baker, 672 pp.

(Adrian Murg)


Rev. Ilarion V. Felea, The Parables of the Savior for Little and Grown, for the Learned and Unlearned, edited by Justin Pârvu Foundation, April 2014, 264 p.

(Ciprian Petru Sălăvăstru)
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