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Vol. 95/ nr. 2 (apr.-june)


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The Pressing Actuality of the Message of the Heads of the Local Orthodox Churches at the Beginning of the Third Christian Millennium

(Rev. Prof. Dr. Ioan Tulcan)


† Nestor Dinculeană

Religious Holidays of the Jewish People in the Post-Exilic Period

Andreas Müller

The Christianisation of Philanthropy in Ioannes Chrysostomos

Mihai Brie

The Exaposteilarion of the Savior’s Resurrection. Interpretive Nuances

Ioan Tulcan

The Reception of Father Stăniloae’s Trinitarian Theological Thinking in the German Space and Its Meanings

Corneliu-Dragoș Bălan, Nicușor Tucă, Florina Bălan

Challenges and Destructive Practices for the Contemporary Family

Vasile-Doru Fer

Biblical-Theological Values in the Thought and Work of St. Cyril of Alexandria

Ştefan Negreanu

“Byzantine Symphony” from Emperor Justinian to Basil I the Macedonian

Vasile Cristescu

The Doctrinal Position of the Christology of Evagrius Ponticus in the Teaching of the Eastern Church and its Correction by the Eastern Fathers and Theologians

Filip Albu

The Exigencies of Doctrinal Preaching in the Thinking of Father Ilarion V. Felea (1903-1961). Notes to the Volume of Sermons Duhul adevărului


Reinard Thöle, Geheiligt werde Dein Name. Christliche Gottesdienste zwischen Anbetung und Anbiederung, Baden-Baden, Tectum Verlag, 2021, 178 pp.

(Rev. Prof. Dr. Ioan Tulcan)

Florin Dobrei, Sebastian-Dragoș Bunghez, Preotul profesor Teodor Botiș (1873-1940). O viață în slujba bisericii, a învățământului și a neamului românesc [The priest teacher Teodor Botiș (1873-1940). A life in the service of the church, education and the Romanian nation], Editura Universității “Aurel Vlaicu”, Arad, 2022, 576 pp

(Dr. Mircea-Gheorghe Abrudan)

Craig. S. Keener, Miracles Today: The Supernatural Work of God in the Modern World, Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2021, 284 pp

(Rev. Adrian Murg)


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Vol. 94/ nr. 1 (ian.-mar.)


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A Systematization of Church Music in the 8th Century

(Protosyngellos Lect. dr. Nicolae M. TANG)


Stelian Tofană

Who Is the “Beloved Disciple” in the Gospel of John? – Hypothesis or Solution for the Johannine Paternity of the Gospel?

Constantin Rus

The Holy Mystery of Confession – Some Canonical Remarks

Vasile Creţu

Traits caractéristiques de la catéchèse française entre 1980 et 2000. Constats et mutations (The French Catechesis between 1980 and 2000. Characteristics, Findings and Transformations)

Vasile Cristescu

The Apollinarist Doctrine and Its Rejection by St. Gregory of Nyssa

Tiberiu Ardelean

Church Music from the West of the Country from the Declarations and Confessions of Some Outstanding Musical Personalities

Ioan-Tănase Chiș

Arguments and Assets of Orthodoxy in Contemporary Europe

Răzvan Perșa

Romanian Orthodox Academic Theology and the Discovering of the Philokalia during the Interwar Period

Ovidiu-Mihai Neacșu

I Corinthians 15, 44-45 . The First Man, Adam and the Last Adam


Matthias Hartmann and Vasile Stanciu (eds.), Das Leben als Geschenk Gottes. Christliche Verantwortung im Angesicht des Todes, Seria Biblioteca teologică germano-română, Schiller Verlag, Bonn-Sibiu, 2018, 216 pp.

(Rev. Prof. Dr. Ioan Tulcan)

Juan Ignacio Arrieta, Corso di diritto vaticano, Edusc., Roma, 2021, 384 pp., Pontificia Università della Santa Croce, Subsidia canonica, 31, [ISBN: 978-88-8333-931-8]

(Rev. Prof. Dr. Constantin Rus)

Sfântul Isaac Sirul, Cuvinte ascetice (Ascetical Homilies), vol. 1, Cuvintele I-XXX, ediție bilingvă, text critic grec stabilit de Marcel Pirard, Université de Louvain; Introducere, traducere, note și comentarii Ieromonah Agapie Corbu (Bilingual edition, Greek critical text established by Marcel Pirard, Université de Louvain; Introduction, translation, notes and comments by Hieromonk Agapie Corbu), Editura Sf. Nectarie, Arad, 2022, ISBN 978-606-8840-20-8, CXLVIII+622 pp.

(Protosyngellos Lect. dr. Nicolae M. Tang)


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