Vol. 66/ no. 1 (ian.-mar.)



Pleading for a closer collaboration between the school and the Church

by Rev. prof. Ioan Tulcan



Ciprian Streza

The Translation of Liturgical texts into the Oral Language within the 17th century Transylvanian Liturgical Tradition. The Emergence of the Romanian Euchologhion amid Culturally and Concessionally Challenged Times

Nicușor Beldiman

The Role of the Clergy in the Development of the Romanian Literary Language and in the Maintenance of the Conscience of National Unity through Sermon. Deacon Coresi, St. Metropolitan Bishop Varlaam of Moldavia, St. Hierarch Antim Ivireanul

Caius Cuțaru

Sittinā Maryam of the Muslims. Honouring the Virgin Mary in Islam

Ioan Tulcan

The Holy Sacraments – Means of Renewing the Life of Believers

Nicolae Moșoiu

God language – an Orthodox perspective in the context of the challenging Feminist Theology

Vasile Vlad

The Plurality of Ethics and the Unity of the Religious-Moral Values

Florea Ştefan

The Saint and the Genius

Daniel Lemeni

Narrating the Holy Man in Late Antiquity: The Case of Shenoute of Atripe

Traian Nojea

Secularization of Monastic Estates (1863). Some Legal – Historical Aspects


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(Archid. Ph.D. Caius Cuțaru)

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