Vol. 67/ no. 2 (apr.-june.)



Principles of Youth Training in the Faculties of Orthodox Theology from Romania

by Rev. Cristinel Ioja



Sergey Trostyanskiy

Time and Eternity in Fifth-Century Oikonomic Thought: Cyril of Alexandria on the Only Begotten and the First Born

Ioan Tulcan

The Relationship between Tradition and Innovation in Romanian Orthodox Dogmatic Theology and the Place of Dogma in this Regard

Ioan C. Teșu

Teachings of St. Paisios of Mount Athos about Children’s Education

Cristinel Ioja

The Role of Emperor Constantine in the Dogmatic Disputes of the Fourth Century

Nicusor Beldiman

Anthropological and Eschatological Tenets in the Sermons of 20th-century Wallachian Preachers

Daniel Jugrin

AGNOSIA: The Apophatic Experience of God in Dionysius the Areopagite



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(Laurențiu-Victor Chilibaru)
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