Vol. 63/ no. 2 (apr – june)



The presence of Islam in Europe. New challenges for contemporary Christianity

Caius Cutaru


Adrian Murg

The Soteriological Aspect of Jesus’Death, in the Writings of St. Luke the Evangelist. An Analysis From the Perspective of Textual and Narrative Criticism

Peter-Ben Smit

Hermeneutics in The Church. Towards a Common Vision

Daniel Lemeni

The Way of the Desert in Early Christian Egypt

Stefan Negreanu

The Ecclesiastical and Monastic Reform in England during the Tenth Century

Teofan Mada

True religion fundamentals in the thinking of St. John Chrysostom

Mircea Buta

Variety and consistency in composing works for mixed choir: Our Father, Psalm I and Psalm 65 by Father Gheorghe Soima

Iuliu-Marius Morariu

The Eucharistic Anaphora of the First Three Centuries of Christianity and its Importance for Contemporary Theology

Catalin Varga

The Expression „A New Heaven and a New Earth” in the Theology of Saint Peter the Apostle


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