Vol. 61/ no. 4 (oct.-dec.)



Romanian University Theological learning, at an insight watch

by Rev. Ioan Tulcan (Dean of Orthodox Theology Faculty of Arad)


Constantin Rus

Confession and Repentance. Some canonical remarks

Teofan Mada

The Martyrdom: an important aspect of early christian Eschatology

Alexandra Malureanu

Opportunities for sharing, exchanging experiences and mutual learning in Pastoral Counselling of the sick

Paul-Tiberiu Ardelean

Religious song in the western part of the country – specific particularities and accents in Trifon Lugojan vision

Mircea Buta

Church Music – Doxological Structure with Eucharistic Purpose

Mihai Brie

Gedanken iiber das Werk des Ordenspriesters Macarie

Lucian Farcasiu

The Connection between the Sacrament of Confession and the Holy Communion. A Biblical, Patristic and Liturgical-Pastoral Evaluation

Mititelu Catalina

„Corpus Juris Civilis” and „Corpus Juris Canonici”. Legal and Canonical Considerations

Cosmin Santi

Vocation and Spiritual Qualities of Priest, Canon Condition for the Effective Pastoral Missionary Work

Caius Cutaru

A Great Father of the Church in Dialog with Islam: Saint John of Damascus


Blessed Jerome, Homilies on the Gospel of Mark. Various Homilies, translation from Latin, introduction and notes by Alin-Bogdan Mihailescu, Bible Institute and Orthodox Mission Publisher, Bucharest, 2014, 199 p.

(Ioan-Alexandru Stoienescu)

Fr. Dr. Lucian Petroaia, Hieratikon, Treasure of Orthodox Culture and Spirituality, Editura Arhiepiscopiei Dunarii de Jos, Galati, 2014, 526 p.

(rev. Lucian Farcasiu)

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