Vol. 55/ no. 2 (apr. – june)

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Assuming the culture of the world according to the model of Jesus Christ


(Cristinel Ioja)



Andreas Heiser

Basilius von Caesarea – Krankenpfl ege zwischen den Fronten?


 Ioan Tulcan

Die Heiligkeit und Heiligung in der orthodoxen Theologie


 Adrian Lemeni

Le principe de l’indétermination dans la physique quantique et ses implications épistémologiques


 Gérald Tilkin

Quelles confessionnalités pour les cimetières en Roumanie?


 Cristinel Ioja

Baptism and its ecclesial-existential implications in the post-modern world


 Ion Croitoru

The Cosmos (the World) as Church in the Making


 Evi Voulgaraki-Pissina

Mission and Evangelism in Modern Greece. A Selective Guide through Major Missionary Initiatives in the 20th and 21st Century


 George Grigoriu

Spiritual evolution from communication to impartment in Vasile Voiculescu’s work


 Daniel Buda

Rural Spirituality – nutrition for the soul. An Orthodox perspective based on Romanian realities and historical sources




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(Rev. Ph.D. Adrian MURG)

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(Rev. Ph.D. Lucian FARCAŞIU)

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(Rev. Ph.D. Adrian MURG)

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(Alexandru Dan ADAM)
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