Vol. 50/ nr. 1 (ian-mar)


Ioan Tulcan

Holy Unction – Mystery of God’s Healing Mercy



Andreas Heiser

Johannes Chrysostomus und die Taufe – Tod, Grab und Auferstehung in spätantiker Perspektive

Eirini Christinaki–Glarou

The Principle of Legality in the Seventh Century A Parallel View in Byzantium and Islam

Vasile Vlad

Secularization – the Fundamental Feature of Modernity

Michael Nai-Chiu Poon

Loh I-to as Bridge-Builder: Communication and communion in the Asia Pacific

Liviu Petcu

στάσις and κίνησις. The mobile stability or the stable mobility of the man’s ascent towards God in St. Gregory of Nyssa

Simina-Carina Pascal

Introductory Notions into the Ontology of the Sacred

Caius Cuţaru

The intrareligios dialogue – the upper limit of the interreligious dialogue in the vision of Raimundo Panikkar. A critical analysis


Teofan Mada, Evanghelia în versiunea Hollywood. Iisus în cinema, „Vremi”, Cluj Napoca, 2010, 240 p.

(Ph.D. Stelian Gomboş)

Alexander Schmemann, Mother of God, translated by Cesar Login, Patmos Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2010, 117 p.

(Rev. Lucian Farcaşiu)

Michael Pomazansky, Orthodox Dogmatic Theology: A Concise Exposition, 3rd edition, Platina: St Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, 2005, 434 p.

(Rev. Adrian Murg)


Caius Cutaru & Cristinel Ioja

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