Vol. 90/ no. 1 (ian.-mar.)


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Prayer – the Necessity of Man’s Dialog with God

Rev. Prof. Ioan Tulcan, PhD.


Nestor Dinculeană

History, Culture and Spirituality of the Ancient Biblical Peoples of the Transjordan Area

Jerzy Ostapczuk

The Number of Days in the Menologia of the Cyrillic Tetraevangelia Issued in the 16th Century in the Middle-Bulgarian Redaction of the Church Slavonic Language as Basis for their Division into Groups

Vasile Creţu

The Public Communication’s Actions and the Religious Practice in the Christian Churches during the Pandemic

Cătălina Mititelu

On the “Concordat Marriage” and its Legal Regime Considerations and Assessments

Florin Dobrei

Churches, Peoples, Places and Habits from the Once upon a Time Banat Highland

Lucian Vasile Petroaia

The Issue of Burying Unbaptized Babies, in the Orthodox Church

Teofan Mada

Magisterium and Theological Revisionism

Rafael Povîrnaru

Vocation and Priestly Service According to Romanian Liturgist Ene Branişte

Ioan Popa-Bota

The Tree of Life: A Hymnological and Iconic Perspective of Life


Anastasimatarul arădean alcătuit după notaţiile muzicale ale lui Trifon Lugojan de Constanţa Cristescu, Eurostampa Publ., Timişoara, 2021, 515 pp

(Pr. Stelian Ionaşcu)

Romanian Modernity – Historical, Cultural and Theological Paradigms, Romanian Academy, Center for Transylvanian Studies, Supllement no. 1 of “Transylvanian Review”, Cluj-Napoca, year XXX, 2021, 314 p.

(Rev. Florin Dobrei)

Ucenicii lui Evagrie, Capete filocalice (EVAGRIUS’ DISCIPLES, Philocalic Texts), Traducere, introducere, note şi comentarii Ieromonah Agapie Corbu, Ediţie bilingvă, Editura Sf. Nectarie, Arad, 2020, ISBN: 978-606-8840-15-4, XLVI+283 pp.

(Protosyngellos Lect. dr. Nicolae M. Tang)


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