Vol. 85/ no. 4 (oct.-dec.)



Monotheistic Religions in Times of Pandemic. Necessary Adaptations and Transformations

(Caius Claudius CUȚARU)


Cristinel IOJA

The Saints-Disciples at the School of Christ-Sight in Non-Sight

Constantin RUS

The Sacrament of Holy Eucharist – Some Canonical Remarks

Caius Claudius CUȚARU

Byzantine and Arab Iconoclasm – a Comparative Look


The Wisdom of the Desert Spirituality: An Introduction to the Desert Fathers

Vasile CREŢU

San Callisto ed Ignazio Xanthopouli

Nicolae PREDA

The Holy Communion over Time – Short Liturgical Presentation-

Gabriel BASA

Ioan Mihu and Aurel Vlad, Supporters of the Romanian National Cause through the Bunul Econom Magazine (1899 – 1907)

Adrian MURG

Deepening Christ Tradition through Remembrance, according to the Fourth Gospel

Zaharia MATEI

Father and Academic Professor Niculae M. Popescu – Contributions to the Research of the History of the Romanian Orthodox Church and Byzantine Music


Iuliu-Marius MORARIU, Repere ale autobiografi ei spirituale din spațiul ortodox în secolele XIX și XX. Ioan de Kronstadt, Siluan Athonitul și Nicolae Berdiaev, Editura Lumen, Iași, 2019, ISBN: 978-973-166-544-3, 535 pp.

(Protosyngellos Lecturer Dr. Nicolae M. TANG)

Michael F. BIRD, Jesus the Eternal Son: Answering Adoptionist Christology, Eerdmans Publishing House, Grand Rapids, 2017, xv + 155 pp.

(Rev. Adrian MURG)

Charles PERROT, Binecuvântată ești Tu între femei (Luca 1, 42): Fecioara Maria în contextul primului secol creștin (Blessed are you among women [Luke 1, 42]: The Virgin Mary in the Context of the First Christian Century), translation from French by Ștefan Munteanu, Editura Doxologia, Iași, 2018, 518 pp.

(Alin-Florin CIOTEA, Ph.D. Student)


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