Vol. 71/ no. 2 (apr.-june)



Theology of Icon in the 20th Century Neo-Patristic Synthesis
Rev. Cristinel Ioja


Ioan Tulcan
Elements of Orthodox Anthropology in Vladimir Lossky’s Thinking and Their Relevance to the Contemporary Man

Vasile Bîrzu
Scholastic Order vs Symbolic Order. Protestant Reform as Expression of a Language Crisis

Teofan Mada
Love as Principle of Knowledge in the Eastern Fathers

Vasile Vlad
From Slavery to the Freedom of the Will – An Exegesis to the Prodigal Son’s Parable from the Perspective of Moral Theology

Lucian Farcaşiu
Epiphanism in the Orthodox Worship and Its Relevance to the Church Theology and Life

Casian Rușeț
Legislation Regarding the Responsibility of the Employees of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Depending on Their Work Duties, during the Communist Regime (1948-1989)

Stelian Manolache
The Economic Globalisation and the Religious Mutation in the Post-Industrial Society – The Pseudo-Religious Meaning of the Global Economy

Teodor-Daniil Stoienescu
The Unity of the Church according to St. Cyprian of Carthage


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(Petru Ursulescu)
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