Vol. 59/ no. 2 (apr-june)

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The Holy Eucharist – Sacrament of Faith and of the Unity of the Church

Rev. Prof. Ioan Tulcan


Arhim. Teofan Mada

Vision and Discernment to Parents Paterikon

Rev. Patriciu Vlaicu

La presence des cultes dans les institutions publiques de la societe roumaine entre 1989 et 2006

Ciprian Iulian Toroczkai, Daniela Preda

Crime and Suicide – Heights of Nihilism in the Thinking of F.M. Dostoevsky

Catalina Mititelu

The Cooperation Protocol on Social Inclusion, Concluded between the Government of Romania and the Romanian Patriarchate. Juridical and Canonical Considerations

Mircea Buta

An overview of the similarities of the intonational essences between
Dimitrie Cuntanu’s and Trifon Lugojan’s religious voices

Nicuşor Tucă

The Theology of Redemption Mirrored in the Byzantine Hymns

Rev. Gabriel Valeriu Basa

Limitation Attempts on the National Consciousness of Romanians in the Austian-Hungarian Empire Recorded in some Romanian Gazettes in the Ardeal Region

Rev. Florin Dobrei

Reference points of the Transylvanian Christianity between the 2nd-13th centuries


Warren Carter, Seven Events That Shaped the New Testament World, Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2013, xxi + 162 p.

(Rev. Ph.D. Adrian Murg)

Maria Ivanis-Frentiu, Aspecte ale limbajului liturgic romanesc, Editura Casa Cartii de Stiinta Publishing house, Cluj-Napoca, 2013

(Rev. Ph.D Lucian Farcasiu)

Pere Gheorghios Metallinos, Le rôle et le travail de l’Orthodoxie d’aujourd’hui, traduit par le Pere Constantin Petrachi, Editure Egumenita, Galati, 2014, 104 p.

(Ph. D. student Razvan Emanuel Fibisan)

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